Prototyping Multiplayer Games with Unreal 5.2 and Blueprint

Lesson Plan

Instructor Name: Valère Plantevin

Title of the class: Prototyping multiplayer games with Unreal Engine 5.2 and Blueprint

Duration of the class: 90 minutes

Industry focus: Games

Average Learner Level: Intermediate

Number of learners: 12


  • Know how to use Unreal Engine 5.2
  • Have already used BP
  • Basic knowledge of multiplayer in Unreal is required

Learning outcomes:

  • Know how to create a quick prototyping level with Cube Grid Modeling
  • Know where are executed/replicated the basic classes of the Game Framework
  • Know how, in the blueprint editor, to replicate a variable.
  • Know how, in the blueprint editor, to replicate an event (RPC).
  • Know the limitations of multiplayer in BP

Outline of the lesson:

  • Objective
  • Maps creation
  • Prototyping map art using Unreal Engine 5.2 modeling tool
  • Reminder of Game Framework replication (Game Mode, Game State, etc.)
  • Replicate variables
  • Replicate RPCs
  • Small example using the given project

UE Project File:

Supporting Documents:

How to register?

This specific course is sadly already done. Keep in touch for more lessons in the near future :)